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PoliceDepartments.com is a division of SupportOurPolice.com.

SupportOurPolice.com is a nonprofit project based in Chula Vista, California, that maintains multiple objectives with its mission of supporting our hero police officers. These objectives include recognizing officers for excellent work, submitting commendations, providing important information and feedback to police departments, working to improve relations between departments and communities, promoting officer safety, preventing officer suicide, and raising awareness about issues we deem important.

PoliceDepartments.com helps further realize the objective of recognizing excellent police work by bestowing the PoliceDepartments.com Outstanding Department Award to some of the top departments in the United States. We utilize various criteria to determine who receives these awards, and a department may receive the award more than once.

Of course, there are some bad police departments. And some police officers have committed horrible acts, and we are just as outraged as everyone else about this, and we stand with those who want these officers — and their departments — held fully accountable for their improper or criminal acts (which would include excessive force, racial profiling, unlawful detention, false arrest and any other type of police misconduct). However, extending this thinking to say that all officers and all departments are bad is not only patently inaccurate but also fails to recognize the positive and heroic acts of the excellent officers and departments in our country.

And recognizing excellent officers and departments is what PoliceDepartments.com is all about.

Kevin Caruso
Executive Director


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